Professional 3D printers

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Production solutions

From prototyping to the production of large-scale end-use parts

The Argo series brings 3D printing of composite materials and high temperature super polymers to the next step.
Process control, heated chamber up to 180°C, material’s storage during all the printing cycle, in order to print large-scale components in a wide range of technical polymers like Carbon PEEK. Additive manufacturing is true.




Accelerate your production with finished and functional components

The XTREME series brings the desktop version to the world of the production of finished components and metal replacement parts with a system that perfectly meets the needs of the manufacturing industry.
More extreme performances and unique innovative elements for an unprecedented experience of printing super polymers like PEEK.



The solution you need for tooling and functional parts

Designed and produced for professionals and companies, the Desktop series opens the doors to the functional prototyping with composites and high temperature polymers. With Roboze Entry Level, start the digital transformation of your production processes.