High Temperatures

Controlled and optimized temperatures for the production of finished parts

Heated Chamber

ARGO 350 is equipped with a controlled heated chamber, capable to reach 356°F (180°C). This system allows to reduce the thermal shock of the material it is extruding and to cool it down more slowly in order to attenuate the mechanical stress and any residual tension, caused by the thermal treatment.

Extrusion technology

The HVP Extruder, designed to reach 842°F (450°C) for the extrusion of composite materials and high temperature super polymers, in Argo 350 presents a double gear system to better dissipate heat, reduce wear phenomena, get the feeding system stronger and optimize the pressure on the filament. This results in an increase of printing reliability and a more omogeneous flow. The double extruder system permits to print more complex parts thanks to the use of a soluble and breakaway support material, available on the Production systems.

Speed up your pre-printing operations

The heated chamber, developed by Roboze, is able to reach the highest temperature in just more than one hour. Moreover, the improved electronics of the Production systems allows to carry out the pre-printing operations rapidly and safely.


Repeatability and Accuracy

Innovations to support the most demanding manufacturers

Beltless System

The patented system, that removes belts, increases its performances by guaranteeing up to 0.4mil (10µm) positioning accuracy and movement repeatability.The adjustment made on the rack and pinion system improves the precision, increases the wear resistance and the stiffness of the surface layer, while maintaining the right toughness in the core and increasing the printing speed by 20% compared to the Xtreme series.

Buildplate auto-levelling

ARGO 350’s buildplate presents an auto-levelling system that, in addition to eliminate any external interventions, increases the repeatability of the parts, even if produced in different cycles or time. This operation completely eliminates warping phenomena and creates perfect adhesion.

Vacuum system

ARGO 350  is equipped with a vacuum system, capable to guarantee the flatness of the components, making them adhere to the surface stably and speed up the machine setup and the part’s removal.

Advanced Manufacturing

Transform your production

Controlled environment

ARGO 350 presents a specific environment completely dedicated to monitor the quality of the printing filament. The system is equipped with 2 independent Filament Dryers with a system to control moisture, 1 for the main material, and 1 for the support material, guaranteeing an extraordinary productivity with no interruptions.

Filaments sensors

No-stop production, monitoring and reduced interruptions thanks to the End of Filament and Residual Material sensors, installed in the system, for simplifying the control of the printing cycle.

Automatic loading of the filament

The Filament Dryers, designed and installed in ARGO 350, allow the automatic loading of the filament and are able to interact with the machine in order to increase the productivity with more rapid pre-printing operations and automatic loading of the second spool when needed

Large Volume and Reliability

High Quality

Great ideas, great results

Aluminium buildplate with a 13.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 in (350x300x300 mm) printing volume: improve your production with high precisions and more freedom in design.

High quality machine’s components

We choose the best components to produce Roboze printers, increasing the reliability and the lifetime of the system.

Continuous research

Implementing your own production with Roboze systems means having direct access and connection to continuous product renewal and innovation developed by R&D engineers, the core of all the activities based on the real market needs.

Versatility at high performance

Materials for any phase of your production process

Versatility at high performance

A wide range of thermoplastic materials with high mechanical, chemical and thermal performance to meet the most extreme applications of manufacturers allowing the production of functional prototypes and finished parts.

The advantages of Metal Replacement in a single solution

Print strong like metal and produce long-lasting parts with Roboze filaments, specifically developed for industries like aviation, space, motorsport and oil&gas.

More complex parts and applications

The soluble and breakaway materials allow to produce complex parts while keeping high the level of accuracy, repeatability and detail in models. The removal is easy, fast and with no risks.